In Law Suites – Basement Apartments & Secondary Units Now Legal

With the exception of Rockcliffe Park, the City of Ottawa now allows secondary   suites. So a home owner can build one (with a building permit) or get the city’s stamp of approval on an existing one, provided the home owner brings it up to building and fire code standards. This is often a basement apartment, but the more correct description is “secondary suite” or “secondary dwelling unit”. If not built in the basement, a secondary suite can only take up 40% of the overall upper floors. A suite can be built in a garage, and each ...

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Buying Rural Property and Why It Is Critical to Test Your Well Water for Contamination

When purchasing rural property it is critical that your Offer to Purchase contain provisions for the testing of the property’s water supply to ensure that it is safe for human consumption and usage. Your Royal LePage Sales Representative will advise of areas around the Ottawa Region that are known for water problems and will ensure under all circumstances that the proper clauses needed for the testing of well water are included in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale. How Can Ground ...

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Wood Burning Appliances In Your New Home Need Inspections

Health and Fire Safety When buying a home with any type of wood burning appliance, including a wood burning fireplace, wood stove, forced air furnace etc., it is critical that you have the appliance inspected to ensure that there is not a build up of creosote. This inspection will also identify if any liners or chimneys have been violated which could possibly cause dangerous toxic gases to escape into your home environment. Insurance companies and mortgage lender will require that ...

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Determining the Value of Your Home

The Buyer  ultimately determines the true value of your property, …in other words what would a willing Buyer pay for your home in today’s market place given an arms length transaction.  To help determine what a potential Buyer may be willing to pay for your home,  a clear understanding of how your Royal LePage Representative assesses your Market Value will educate  you on how your sales representative evaluates your home and why the market evaluation is an essential part of helping you get the results you ...

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Staying Objective: Top 10 Problems for Home Buyers to look for

Remaining objective can be a difficult task for buyers when viewing homes.  It’s easy to fall in love with a home’s appearance, blind to problems that may make it unsuitable. While aesthetics can be an important consideration, it’s necessary to look beyond window-dressing. A qualified home inspector should be hired before purchasing a home, but there are areas that you the buyer can examine on your own. This will  help shorten your  list of potential homes that you may be  considering and reduce the ...

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Welcome to Our Real Estate Blog! At Royal LePage Team we’ve always been about providing great customer service and results for our buyers and sellers  butwhile we were busy helping people with Ottawa area real estate we forgot that there are a bunch of people out there who might be looking for resources to help them sort through the whole buying and selling process. Of course would love to help you directly butmaybe you don’t live in the Ottawa area, maybe you’re already working with ...

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